Our student teams


Our Grand Challenge students signed up to eight task groups. Below is a summary of tasks, facilitators, student members and advance prep work. 

Academic research team

Facilitator: Antonios Basoukos <ab452@exeter.ac.uk>

Students:  Tara Martin, Amba Maharaj, Rachael Bundy, Harpreet Kaur Purewal, Charlotte Fisher, Iona Wainright & Georgina Smith.

Provisional base: Truprint ‘back office’ shop & city library (for quiet reading).

Main tasks: Reading & summarising academic literature on key themes/concepts so that the whole GC Team can understand the importance of academic concepts & research.

Main outputs: Daily 500 word ‘Key debates: …’ summaries, fully referenced, for publication on our blog, in our shop window & (in parts) for projection (see below)

Advance prep: Form a facebook group. Watch this video. Read the more academic/conceptual blog posts here, here and here. Antonios will email you with some thing bigger to read.

Detective work team

Facilitator: Kate Berrisford <kb256@exeter.ac.uk>

Students: Gabrielle Cox, Rebecca Bodger, Joshua Hicks, Alexandra Short, Lowri Cole, Lara Hutt, Katie Cartwright-Shodimu, Laura Sinfield, Supriya Lahoti & Gabrielle King.

Provisional base: Truprint ‘back office’ shop.

Main tasks: Use shop window as whiteboard for people to leave fashion questions for us to answer. Use newspaper & online sources to find latest facts/figures, emerging fashion stories, plus do ‘out and about’ research, etc. to find answers…

Main outputs: Daily 500 word ‘Today’s fashion’ &/or ‘You asked, we found out’ summaries of production-consumption news, for publication on our blog, in our shop window & (in parts) for projection (see below)

Advance prep: Form a facebook group. Read the pages on the blog & news stories posted on our facebook page (click the pocket above).

Art engagement team

Facilitator: Becca Savory <rcs214@exeter.ac.uk>

Students: Valentina Vacchelli, Victoria Gooddy, Royah Darabi, Hannah Rusbridge, Shuyao Zheng, Grace-Emmanuelle Kabeya, Emma Sneller, Sarah Geake & Olivia Yates.

Provisional base:Camber & Batch ‘engagement’ shop & Market Square.

Main tasks: Working with artist Catherine Cartwright on the ‘How Clean are your Clothes’ work in Guildhall Square, having conversations, documenting (e.g photos), helping out as needed.

Main outputs: The ‘How Clean are Your Clothes’ work itself, as well as its live documentation via Instagram/Twitter. Photo & quote combinations will create content for the projection team (see below).

Advance prep: Form a facebook group. Visit the Forum and have a look at the ‘How Clean are your clothes?’ work there. Get a friend to draw an outline of something that you’re wearing in the mirror.

‘Swap’ engagement team

Facilitator: Annie Blanchette <ab481@exeter.ac.uk>

Students:  Maria Jastrzebska, Yang Wang, Margaret Agbaje, Anna Zimmerman, Eleanor Wood, Grace Harrison & Mabel Sydney.

Provisional base: Camber & Batch ‘engagement’ shop & Market Square.

Main tasks: One other focus for public engagement each day in the shop and/or square – e.g. window decoration, making /mending / swapping / styling, music, poetry, fashion show – to generate & document fashion conversations and practices.

Main outputs: What happens itself (a swap, mending, etc.), as well as its live documentation via Instagram/Twitter. Photo & quote combinations will create content for the projection team (see below).

Advance prep: Form a facebook group. Collect together and launder all of the clothes you have that you’d a) like to take to a clothes swap, and b) like to have mended or altered so you can wear them again. Get your friends to do this too!

Projection team

Facilitator: Paulina Luzecka <pml202@exeter.ac.uk>

Students: Ka Po Becky Mai, Shannon O’Hara, Hannah Smithdale, Hannah Jones, Jennifer Caust, William Richardson, Jessica Emsley, Esther Okuru & Kelly Northmore

Provisional base: Truprint ‘back office’ shop & Market Square (for cinema projection).

Main tasks: Setting up, maintaining, designing and updating content shown on projection screens in Guildhall Square & shop window. Curate live content produced by Research & Engagement teams, plus overnight and after-Challenge summary slideshow.

Main outputs: Text, photos, live tweets, etc… shown on screen to engage, interest and update passers-by in what we’re doing and to feed back on what we’ve found out. Produce slideshows for the outdoor cinema area in Market Square. Changing A summary slideshow that can be played on a loop in the Forum on Friday & online on our website.

Advance prep: Form a facebook group. Read the whole blog. Have a look at the Fashion Revolution Day quiz here and email Joss Whipple for the answers. She’s visiting us next week

Press team

Facilitator: Britni Wilcher <B.Wilcher@exeter.ac.uk>

Students: Nicola Dashfield, Jessica Harrow, Maria Bowles, Yi Ning Inessa Kang, Kristine Tajud, Sophie Brown, Bethany Pratt, Anthea Cheng & Alice Woodhouse.

Provisional base: Truprint ‘back office’ shop.

Main tasks: Liaising with university and local media, GC teams and public to produce daily press releases about what we’re up to and what we’ve learned each day. Interview &/or invite along to interviews our visiting experts (see below).

Main outputs: Daily 500 word press releases to be published on our blog, and printed out for passers-by. Video, radio & other content, too (if you like). Archive live social media using storify for projection on the window of our Truprint back office shop.

Advance prep: Form a facebook group. Study this blog post on How to: write the perfect press release for journalists. The University Press office will provide you with press release training on Monday 2 June, but this will do for a start! Ian will provide storify training that morning too.

Visitor liaison team

Facilitator: Sue Hocknell <sh422@exeter.ac.uk>

Students: Mary Leefe, Tashana McNaught, Charlotte Clark, Sarah Philipson, Bozhana Miteva & Sara O’Neill.

Provisional base: Camber & Batch ‘engagement’ shop.

Main tasks: Liaising with visitors (via email, meeting from train/hotel, etc.) researching their work, coordinating their involvement to the day (talking / working with whole group &/or teams, etc.?, especially the press team).

Main outputs: Successful embedding of visitor insights & experience to enrich the Challenge as a whole and the work of all of its teams, and to make experience interesting and worthwhile for visitors. Brief visitor biogs/info could be written in advance to distribute to other teams via Facebook and/or our blog and for the projection team.

Advance prep: Form a facebook group. Have a quick look at this information our Tuesday-Thursday visitors Martin Buttle, Jocelyn Whipple & Kate Fletcher. BUT, do and share on facebook some more detailed reading about our Monday visitor Carry Somers (start here). If she comes on the first morning and you don’t know who she is, that could be a bit embarrassing!

Community liaison team

Facilitator: Robert Kalibala <rjk205@exeter.ac.uk>

Students: Yevhenia Nimak, Clare Anscombe, Cictoria Carter, Catherine Loader, Katie Thick, Alexa Carter, Valentina Nardone & Alexandra Farrell.

Provisional base: Camber & Batch ‘engagement’ shop & city.

Main tasks: Liaising with key community stakeholders (e.g. Guildhall management, Cathedral, Mosque, etc..?) to appreciate local meaning and significance what we’re doing.

Main outputs: Appreciation of local significance and relationships with fashion production and consumption, garment factory work, diasporic connections, politics and economics of shopping, & alternatives. Assess contribution of GC activities to community.

Advance prep: Form a facebook group. Use your own contacts in the city to think about groups that might/should be interested in what we’re doing, and tell them what we’re doing, invite them along. Think about he groups you’re already part of who might be good to involve – e.g. sports teams who wear team clothing that they have no choice about wearing! Get in touch with Robert with your ideas.


One thought on “Our student teams

  1. I write performance poetry to be used at demos and events. Please use:

    I am not a heroine
    by Ashby McGowan
    Written after hearing a speaker (who was visiting Glasgow) from,
    Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour

    In China we don’t have heroines,
    So I know that I am not a heroine
    I carry all the shopping on my own,
    But so little pay means there’s not much to carry
    And yes, I don’t have time to meet new friends
    So my workmates are my friends.
    The machine is not my friend,
    It is my enemy. It wears me out. It cuts me
    So many accidents when:
    You work so hard
    Work so long
    Work so fast
    And aren’t trained
    I am not a heroine!
    I do though suffer when I speak up for my fellow workers
    The Bosses all hate me
    When I try to organise strikes, then the Police hate me. They take the Bosses side
    If anyone is a heroine, it is the Human Rights lawyer
    But she is in jail
    We are not allowed to have heroines,
    In China

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