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@fash_rev trump card game

Date: 5 March 2014, 4-5pm

Venue: University of Exeter, Streatham Campus, Building One, Pearson seminar room.

What to bring: the clothes you are wearing. We’ll supply the rest.


When you make cards for your stuff and play them with others, you learn about the companies who make your stuff, their labour policies, transparency, monitoring  and worker rights. In one sense, it’s a simple game of trumping –  ’Ha! My shoes’ worker rights score beats your Kitkat’s!’ – but making and playing the cards also raises questions about what you can find out about your stuff, what ‘monitoring’, ‘worker rights’ and a ‘living wage’ mean, how they are measured, and what to think about this.

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‘What (not) to wear? Journalism & fashion activism after the Rana Plaza collapse’.

Date: 11 November 2013, 4-6pm

Venue: University of Exeter, Streatham Campus, Streatham Court, Lecture Room C.

Poster: click here

Confirmed speakers: 

James Christie MillerA BAFTA nominated and award winning Producer/Director, James Christie Miller has been full time at TV production company Ricochet since 2004. Alongside working as a Producer/Director and Edit Producer on a number of projects, he is one of their key Senior Development Producers, developing, formatting and writing a broad range of factual series for both UK and US broadcasters. Ricochet made all three series of  ‘Blood, Sweat and…’ Tshirts, Takeaways and Luxuries which were broadcast on BBC Three, and aimed to engage young people in social and ethical issues. James was involved in developing the Blood, sweat and…  idea and produced / directed Takeaways and Luxuries, as well as the Channel 4 series Food Unwrapped.

CarryA pioneer in Fair Trade fashion, Carry Somers established Pachacuti in 1992 after an MA in Native American Studies. Pachacuti is now recognised as one of the world’s foremost ethical fashion brands: their collections of felt hats, Panama hats, fascinators and beach bags are shown at London and Paris Fashion Weeks and stocked around the world, providing sustainable rural livelihoods for women’s associations in the Ecuadorian Andes. Since becoming the first company in the world to be Fair Trade certified by the WFTO in 2009, Pachacuti has piloted the EU Geo Fair Trade project to increase traceability and transparency in supply chains, mapping the GPS co-ordinates of each weaver’s house, and has recently been awarded the new Fair Trade Guarantee label. Carry is part of the coordinating team for Fashion Revolution Day.

Audience: hosted by the University of Exeter’s Department of Geography, this event has been organised for Ian Cook’s Geographies of Material Culture students who are studying and learning to create their own example of commodity activist work for, for students studying ‘follow the thing’ research in Human Geography Practice, and is a taster event for the University of Exeter What not to wear? Grand Challenge.

Everyone is welcome.

The conference introduction

Instead of using powerpoint slides to kick off this event, we posted this on the blog. It’s a series of images and links that set the scene, and introduce our audience and speakers.


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