Introducing: Wednesday’s visiting expert Jocelyn Whipple

Jocelyn Whipple: click image for source

Jocelyn Whipple: click image for source

This is how Joss describes herself and her work:

My background and approach to life and work is based on holistic principles engrained in me by my grandparents, parents and colleagues whose authentic values promote practical, peaceful choices and respect for the Earth’s natural resources and for human interaction on all levels.

Since 1996 I have been committed to developing a deep understanding of the fashion and textile industry in order to contribute my work as a part of a bigger global ‘sustainability’ movement.

From 1999 – 2005 I was based in California working on a practical level in local production for emerging eco brands. In 2005 I established the UKs first ethical sales showroom ‘Element23’ and have introduced over ten international labels into the UK boutique market. I am a founding member of the Green Carpet Challenge™ project as well as other projects spearheading the industry.

I do not view fashion and ethics as separate concepts in fact I have come to know that ‘Ethical Fashion’ is not a separate industry but rather the critical new movement being heralded and rapidly expanding within the global textile industry.

My work continues in many parts of the world and through following the global systems and political situations that affect the fashion industry I continue to gain valuable experience local knowledge and opinions.

My passion lies in the tactility and universal value of textiles and in uncovering the incredibly complex stories that are behind the clothes we wear.

I am always seeking and discovering new and ancient methods that can be applied to my projects and focus on thorough tracebility, technical know how as well as intuitive discretion in the way I apply my specialist knowledge and advice.

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