Press release: Fashion Ethics Team invades the Guildhall Shopping Centre

Our Challenge’s Press Team are tasked with posting a press release every day. Here’s what they have written about day one of our Challenge.



Press Release 02/06/2014

Fashion Ethics Team invades the Guildhall Shopping Centre

After a briefing in its pop-up shop in the morning, eight different teams of Exeter University students began work on a pressing issue for fashion companies and consumers: who makes our clothes?

The main challenge for day 1 was to begin to raise awareness, a task on which the Press Team and Community Liason team have been hard at work. The Challenge as a whole has been privileged to have Carry Somers as their special guest. Somers is a renowned fashion entrepreneur and founder of the very successful ethical accessories brand Pachacuti. She has been engaging with all the students to inspire them to become as passionate about this issue as she is. She is making a huge impact on the fashion world as the founder of Fashion Revolution Day which, on April 24th this year, took the fashion world by storm by commemorating the first anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse.

Somers told us, “I believe that it is important for us not to become complacent but to continue to push the boundaries as there is still much to be done in terms of improving accountability within the fashion industry”

The Projection Team are creating #insideout wristbands, the hashtag that is being used to document the week’s activities on social media, and the Arts and Engagement Team have been experimenting with art to encourage passing workers and shoppers to talk about their clothes and what they value in them.

Tuesday will be a new day, with all activities in full swing. The Projection Team will be hosting a quiz based around ethics within the fashion industry in Market Square. The Community Liaison Team will be visiting local charity shops and social groups to publicise the Challenge this week.

The Press Team will be adding more photographs to the newly created Instagram page @fashionethicsftt, an account dedicated to the Fashion Ethics Grand Challenge. They are taking photographs of willing shoppers, and deconstructing each outfit to its individual components. Each brand represented in the photograph will be tagged, along with the hashtag #insideout.

Tweet them your burning fashion questions using the hashtag #insideout, come and tell them about your outfits in the Guildhall Shopping Centre, pop down for the clothes swap event on Tuesday, or the Fashion First Aid Surgery on Wednesday  – you’re sure to learn something along the way.

For more information, visit:



Tumblr: fashionethics14

Instagram: @fashionethicsftt

Twitter: @followthethings

Storify ‘live feed’:




2 thoughts on “Press release: Fashion Ethics Team invades the Guildhall Shopping Centre

  1. This is excellent – so good to hear all of the interesting and important things taking place down there! Keep up the good work.

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