Focus on materials: Fair Trade cotton

Focusing on fashion ethics after the Rana Plaza collapse has drawn much-needed attention to workplace health and safety, pay and conditions at sites of clothing assembly. But there are plenty of other hidden sites of commodity production, plenty of other people whose work and lives we should perhaps be equally concerned about. That’s why we’ve added this short video from the Fair Trade Foundation which, in addition to concentrating on places as a way to focus our thoughts on trade justice concerns, concentrates on a commodity which connects those places and lives: cotton.

The page where this video can be found also contains some FAQs that may help us answer questions asked by our shoppers during the Grand Challenge week. Examples include:

  • How do farmers benefit from Fairtrade cotton?
  • Do products made from Fairtrade cotton cost more?
  • Does Fairtrade also benefit people working in clothing factories?

Find out the answers by clicking here.

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