Vogue and Rana Plaza

This monotype print is darker and more foreboding than its colourful original

Rana Plaza workers protest against conditions                (Credit: monotype print by art student at King Edward VI Community College)

It’s good to see Vogue applauding the actions taken by the garment industry since the collapse of Rana Plaza, but I did shudder to read how all this positive action is effectively due to UK and US leadership

and equally to read zero awareness of the tokenistic approach by the Alliance that won Gap the Public Eye 2014:

So, what progress? Set up in the aftermath of the tragedy, the UK-run Bangladesh Accord and it’s corresponding US-based Alliance (chaired by President Obama’s former Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs, Ellen Tauscher) commit businesses to properly inspect factories and provide financial support for improvements as well as, critically, compensating workers while the work is being done. Additionally 5000 factories are being independently audited and given democratically elected worker participation committees as well as access to an anonymous worker helpline. Though daunting, the progress has been significant: “I don’t spend my time on things that I don’t believe will be successful,” says Tauscher. 



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