Procurement: sweatshop free & fair trade

Used with CC license (click for source)

Used with CC license (click for source)

One of the ethical fashion issues we’re interested in for this Challenge is procurement. That’s the kind of fashion shopping that’s done by organisations, buying uniforms, sports kits, wellies, chef hats for their employees to wear. These big fashion shoppers can make a big difference because they have a lot of clout. These can be very big contracts.  Elsewhere on this blog, we’ve highlighted People & Planet’s campaign to persuade universities to remove sweatshops from their procurement processes. Here, we highlight a related campaign, that extends the boundaries of ethical fashion to the people who grown and pick the cotton that could be in those clothes. And it’s about an award won by LSE for doing this… and a nod to the French postal service So, how about sweatshop-free fair trade university procurement?


PS We found this great tweet from Fashion Revolution Day, where the procurement question was asked…

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