Campaign: Muslim Campaign for Bangladeshi Garment workers’ rights

[A video in support of ….]

“Six months on from the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, Muslim campaigners have taken to the streets of East London to commemorate the 1127 lives lost in the disaster.

Campaigners from Muslim-led organisation MADE in Europe asked the local community to stand in solidarity with garment workers by signing apetition calling on major brands such as Gap and Asda to sign the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord. …

Outside the East London Mosque after noon prayers, worshippers poured out in their crowds in support of the campaign and to sign the petition. Campaigns Officer at MADE in Europe, Maiya Rahman said, “We believe that it is really important to engage the British Muslim and Bangladeshi communities. Not only is it a rich part of Islamic teaching and tradition to honor workers’ rights, but it directly affects the families of a large part of the community here in East London and so we are key players in the bid for change.”

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MADE (2013) Muslim Campaign for Bangladeshi Garment workers’ rights. Muslim Agency for Development Education ( last accessed 24 October 2013)

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