The challenge: How ethical are high-street clothes?

Primark CHe tshirt 2

Photo used under Creative Commons license from here.

“Never mind exactly what Rihanna is wearing, or where Alexa Chung got her new bag: the pressing news on the high street is about ethics. It’s now six months on from the Rana Plaza catastrophe, in which a garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh, killing at least 1,133, with a further 2,500 injured and many left severely disabled. Tragically, Rana Plaza wasn’t a unique accident. Fires and building collapses are endemic in the assembly part of the fashion-supply chain (at least 112 workers were killed at the Tazreen factory fire in Dhaka in November 2012). Campaigners and analysts have highlighted the dangers in today’s “fast fashion” supply chain that increase the probability of such catastrophes.”

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Lucy Siegle (2013) How ethical are high-street clothes? The Guardian 6 October ( last accessed 10 October 2013)

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